Girls Confess Why They Stopped Wearing Panties

Her Boyfriend Started It

“My boyfriend always wanted me to stop wearing panties. He thought it was sexy… It started with just one or two days, then I realized how comfortable it was… Fast forward to today and I don’t even own a single pair. I threw them all out years ago…”

Her Doctor Recommended It

“I was having trouble with certain girl problems down there… My doctor finally recommended that I stop wearing panties… It stopped the problems right away. I’ve been panty free for seven years and I’m loving every minute of it.”

Someone Stole Them All

“I was at university and some creep stole all my panties from my dorm room. I had no time to go and buy more for a whole week so I just went without. I never really got around to buying more and before I knew it I realized it was way more comfortable.”

Air Flow

“I just love the amount of air flow it gives you. I could never go back to wearing panties… It’s just way too cramped down there! Going without panties gives you the feeling of total freedom… Like nothing is constricting you. So happy I made the change…”


“I was going through my women’s studies course when a professor gave a lecture about how panties were the invention of the patriarchy, and they were meant to hold women back from embracing our sexuality. That convinced me right then and there.”

Since A Child

“I’ve never worn panties… Ever… My mom didn’t and I guess she just never bought them for me. I’m so glad, cause whenever I’ve tried wearing them they just seem… Weird… Sure, I got teased a little at school but that’s their loss…”

It’s Cool Now

“In high school these days none of the girls wear panties any more… In fact, if girls see you wearing them they make fun of you like non stop… Only the losers wear panties… My parents just stopped buying them for me cause they knew I never wore them.”


“I come from a hippy family and we never wore panties. My parents believed it was natural and I have to agree. Why should we have to cover up out privates? Why can’t we be free, just like the animals? Panties go against nature…”

I Like To Be A Tease

“I became addicted to not wearing panties when I discovered how fun it was to tease men… I would give them the quickest glimpse up my skirt and I would just watch their jaws drop… I love that power I have over them… I don’t own a single pair.”

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